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Siddha Kavach

A "KAVACH" is a shield or protection against danger.It is like a pendent in which a "YANTRA" is pres

Products for Siddha Kavach

Siddha Sri Sai Kavach
Siddha Sri Sai Kavach

Shri Siddh Sai  kavach Pendant is in a form of pendent (24 carat gold foil plated) which has a Shri Sai baba image on one side & Shri Sai baba Yantra on the other side with mystic markings on it. This yantra is used to get the blessings of sai baba. By wearing this siddh sai kavach  many benefits occur like the increase of will power and the healing of negative emotions. Ultimately, in later stages, advanced spiritual experiences will be attained. Beej Mantra: "Om Shri Satguru Sai Nathay Namah " Pran Pratishta (Energization) And Puja of Yantra: Since Siddh Sai kavach is a Man-Made object, it requires energization to infuse potency and power to benefit the owner. Before sending the kavach,we get Pran Pratishtha done by learned Purohits (Priests) without any extra charges. This is done by reciting Mantras as prescribed by Vedas.

Rs. -501 USD($) -10
Sri Kashi Kaal Bhairav Siddha Raksha Kavach
Sri Kashi Kaal Bhairav Siddha Raksha Kavach

Kashi Kaal Bhairv Siddha Raksha Kavach is a set of  Yantras, Ritual at Kaal Bhariav Temple,Kashi,  Siddha Pendent (protection from evil eye) and Prashad including Vibhuti Bhasm (ash) of the temple. This Kavch create a security cover from the all the black magic & evil eye especially to the children. Many people across the world comes to Kaal Bhairav Temple,Kashi  to get blessing of Baba Kaal Bhairav and to get protected themselves and their family from unexpected or existing danger form black magic & evil eye. Kaal bhairav is known as existing incarnation of Lord Shiva at Kashi. No one can live at Kashi without his permission. Sri Kashi Vedic Sansthan provides the service to the devotees who are unable to visit the temple and want the blessing/Kavach of Baba Kaal Bhairav.  We organize individual ritual for each devotee/family at temple and send energized Kavach and other holy things to the devotee at his/her address. (Kavach & Ritual will be organized in the name of devotee so please provide name/names at please contact for more details.

Rs. -2500 USD($) -40
Siddha Accurate Copper Sri Yantra Pendent
Siddha Accurate Copper Sri Yantra Pendent

Accurate Siddha Sri Yantra on Cooper in form of pendent for wealth and prosperity.

Rs. -501 USD($) -20
Shri Kashi Vishwanath Kripa Kavach
Shri Kashi Vishwanath Kripa Kavach

Sri Kashi Vishwanath Kripa Kavach is blessed with Holy Shivlinga of Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple of Varanasi.When we get order of this "Kavach" we send this "Kavach" to our customers after getting touched from the Holy Shivlinga of Sri Kashi Vishwanth Temple,Varanasi and at he same time we get energized this "Kavach" by Mantras of Lord Shiva in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple So,One who order for this "Kavach" get all the happiness (which people's  feel when they visit Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple)always and Sri Kashi Vishwanath sign remains always with them. Jai Bholenath

Rs. -525 USD($) -10
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